Absolutely FREE shipping on any orders.

Our usual delivery time is about to 6 days. But the actual delivery time may vary by depending on shipping address and conditions.

After placing an order and complete checkout process you will receive a mail in your inbox regarding your automated registration details along with the order Id and status about orders.

After receiving payment (for online paid orders)* your order will be processed and you will receive one more mail regarding order status and copy of Invoice as an attachment. Also you can download the Invoice from Account page by logging in your ANNODYNE account.

*For Cash on Delivery customers after processing your order you will receive a mail with Invoice as an attachment and also can download the same by logging in your ANNODYNE account.


After successful checkout and completion of the payment process through the particular payment gateway, the purchase value will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

ANNODYNE has huge collection of leather products. So at the time of browsing, throughout the shop you can choose and save any products that you would like to buy. You can see a little “heart” icon on every products and if you click on that it will save that selected products to Wishlist.

You can visit the Wishlist page to check your sorted/selected products also you can add products to cart from Wishlist page.

We apologize for that.

But if you received any damaged or wrong product then you can claim refund or replacement easily.

Step 1. Logging in to your registered ANNODYNE account.

Step 2. Go to my account page (

Step 3. Go to order page and there you will have refund or replacement option.

Step 4. Select the appropriate option and follow the instructions.

Step 5. Check your registered mail Id for the status or you can check status from your account dashboard or Refund/Cancel status option.

Definitely you can cancel your order and replace the order with new one. To do so visit and then go to order page.