R.R. Leather is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Goods and Owner of the brand ANNODYNE®


R.R. Leather is a Leather Goods Manufacturer as well as an Exporter ruling the Leather Market since the beginning of the 21stCentury (April 2000). R.R. Leather has been an active member of CLE (Council of Leather Exports INDIA), FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations) producing different kinds of Leather Goods and Accessories as well as an improving Exporter day by day. Following the various trends around the world, we have high-end fashion leather accessories as well as leather goods which can be consumed by the Indian market also. Exporting was never that easy but still we have managed to export everywhere. The Company is still at its pace of growing with the help of Mr. Ramakanta Sahoo (Proprietor) and the professional handpicked Employees under him. Highly-skilled workers are giving their time, patience & skills to bring out the best accessories ever created. Being the Proprietor, Mr. Sahoo also works hard round the clock to ensure that nothing is taking a U-turn against him. From Leather Luggage Bags to Leather wallets and accessories like key rings, card case everything can be found under One Roof –R.R. Leather. R.R. Leather follows one Major Rule which is Customers First, Workers After. No matter what ever the quality or the quantity would be, every product will be of fine detailing and quality so the Customers will never get a chance of writing back something Negative.



The Owner of the company, Mr. R.K. Sahoo has a working experience over 20+ years and has been an active member of the Leather Market since the beginning of the 21stCentury. Having own Export House as well as for Tannery. He believes in Team Work so being a proprietor of the Company he also indulges himself to do practical work as per his best ability.


The company was set up on 7thApril, 2000. It all started with a Tannery, from producing leather according the various fashion demands. And after 15+ years, Mr. Sahoo came up with this excellent idea of Opening an Exports house. In the year 2017, October was the happiest month where Mr. Sahoo had started a Company and an Export House where he will produce leather hides & skin, use them for sampling purpose and Export according to the various demands. Day by day it is getting tough in the labor section where one will be very skillful to have accurate sense in the sampling making part. Dodging all these hurdles, Company stands with 25+ highly skilled labors in both Tannery and Production House. A big Advantage that the company has is its own Tannery and own Production house. This clearly states that no matter what the quantity maybe we will be at its best because of the never-ending supply of Leather Hides of Various kinds of Leather. In our Tannery mostly the Leathers are of Vegetable Tanned Leather, different Quality leather and even different type of fashion leather trends. Top-Notch Machines are in both Companies where one can easily be satisfied with the Perfection. Both Tannery and Bag Production unit have been installed with latest manufacturing techniques and of High Quality.



Have our own tannery


Have our own bag factory


Produce accurate leather


Ready shipment before threshold time


Offer best price in market


Will get finest quality finished products with best quality leather